SPAL Volunteers

SPAL is a non-profit organisation that is run 100% by volunteers. SPAL volunteers work hard to keep its running costs as low as possible. SPAL Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organisation for 2 key reasons:

  • We need volunteers to run the organisation and manage our site. If we don’t have volunteers, we have no choice but to close the organisation and our site.
  • If SPAL budget is comprised solely of volunteer fees and donations, for some people, it may seem strange that you have to pay money when you are already donating your time. Our budget has to cover the operation of SPAL Site, the events and daily activities. We are unique in this regard. We do not have overhead or administration costs since we are 100% volunteer-run.

Why we need volunteers? The main reason being that many of our volunteers have served for a long time and are now at a stage where they still serve the Samaj but in a reduced capacity due to age and/or personal health and we need to fill this void.

Following Navratri 2017 we have had tremendous response from members to join the board of Trustees and as you can see in this newsletter what a fantastic team we have going forward. We want to build a team of volunteers to manage our organisation, the site and the events that we stage at our site.

I therefore, like to explain to you the areas where we need volunteers and the duties involved, thereby helping you to make informed decision to come on board as volunteers.