SPAL Email Distribution List 2018

Since the establishment of SPA Leicester, the notification of events and SPA publication have been printed and delivered to every member household by SPA Area Secretaries on a regular basis. It is becoming increasingly difficult and costly to maintain this service on a regular basis.

It is with regret but necessary that from 1st September 2018 we will not be distributing any leaflets to members for the reasons explained above. Instead, a limited number of leaflets will be produced for posting around our site and all future SPAL/SPAUK publication may be received by electronic means, subject to members registering their email address on SPAL distribution list.

From 1st April 2018, all SPAL information will also be available from our re-launched website.

To ensure you are registered on the SPAL Distribution List 2018, we ask every member to register with us (even if you are already registered and receiving the communication) by applying via email to and mark it for the attention of the secretary and use the following format in your communication to supply your details by 31st March 2018.

        Reference/Subject   :   SPAL Distribution List 2018
        Name                :   AN Other Mistry
        Membership No       :   123456
        Address             :   47 Another Road, Leicester. LE15 7DD.
        Email               :

If you have changed your address, then please inform the Secretary of your new address and include the following details:

Full Name; Membership No; Old Address: New Address; New Telephone No and Email Address.

Please Note: SPAL complies with Data Protection Laws and your details will not be shared or distributed.