SPAL Rass & Garba Team


Myself Nikita Prajapati and Kinjal Prajapati and we currently represent the SPAL Raas and Garba team as manager and assistant manager respectively.

Focussing on this year’s event, we had a fairly young and new group of participants compared to previous years. Majority of the participants were new and have never participated or experienced competition at this level let alone performed on stage in front of live audience. This was very encouraging from Samaj’s perspective to have many young members participating and representing SPAL at very prestigious event organised by GHA.

The whole experience of managing the group was very challenging but was indeed rewarding. It is never easy to strike a balance between work, family, studies and finding time for rehearsals, however where there is a will there is a way and we all overcome our obstacles to turn up for rehearsals.


The Raas and Garba team always participate in the events organised by SPAL. Our main contribution has been Drama, Raas, Garba and bollywood dance. As well as SPAL events we also participate in the GHA Rass Garba competition held every year in September.

The preparation for all the events and the competition start early and this year it’s not different. As communicated in the newsletter we are looking to put a team together and practice sessions for the events ahead.

We are starting garba practice on 7th April 2018. Therefore, if you are interested in participating for dance, garba or raas please contact myself Nikita or Kinjal on numbers below.

Please note, this invitation is open to all - any age, male and female. We hope you will not miss this opportunity and come join us to share your ideas and contribute towards fantastic SPAL events.

Jay Shree Krishna!!

Nikita (07879960329) & Kinjal (07596559297)