SPAL Social Media

Shree Prajapati Association Leicester has a Facebook page and a Twitter account? You can stay up to date with the activities at our centre by using one or both of these.

Facebook Page

If you have a Facebook page already then it is simple to join. Just search for Shree-Prajapati-Association-Leicester-newsevents and “like” the page or alternatively simply copy the above link into your web browser and save to favourites. You can also send comments/views via the comments tab on each post.


Twitter is commonly used to send a message or start a discussion; the twitter name for Spa Leicester is @spaleicester.


You can also stay in touch and get email copies of the SPA Leicester publications via email. Please send your email to and you will be added to the list for e-copy of the publications and mailshots. This email address can also be used to send in any views, ideas, complaints that you may have regarding SPA Leicester. If you are addressing to a particular Trustee, then please mark it for their attention.

Drop in to the Centre

You can also drop into our centre in person every week Monday through Friday between 7.00pm and 8.00pm or Saturday between 7.00pm and 9.00pm at the Bhajan sessions and find out what activities are going on and keep up to date with forthcoming activities.